Why you should never believe anything on Wikipedia – Idiots like me!

You’ll forgive me for laughing at my own stupid feeble joke. But over a month ago I made an addition to Barry Gibb’s Wikipedia page (picked at total random) and IT’S STILL THERE.

Actually, it’s worse than that. But first my stupid addition, in his Personal Life section.

Barry Gibb is a keen apiarist, something he started during the periods between long tours to help him relax. [11]

Nothing to salacious there then, I’ve just made up the fact that Barry Gibb, member of the Bee Gees, is a bee keeper. Stupid. Juvenile. Amused me at the time.

I think my master stroke (relative term) was to add a reference to Apiary Magazine; which clearly nobody has bothered checking because Apiary Magazine has (oddly) absolutely NOTHING to do with bee keeping.

But what has really tickled my funny bone is that since I made my joke edit two individuals have corrected it, by added a link for the definition of apiarist and corrected an erroneous additional space!

They are;

  • IP Address and,
  • Musdan77

Which either means they read my previous post on the subject of Wikipedia, they got the joke and carried it on OR they are both muppets. I’d love to believe it’s one of the first two…. genuinely. 🙂


3rd April 2012 – It’s STILL there. Despite the number of people readying this article reaching triple figures. Thanks for all playing along. Much appreciated 🙂



  1. I caught it – someone cited this story to me yesterday, and the pun was obvious, so I tracked it back. Thanks for the laugh.

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