Garmin bates safety campaigners with Sat Nav / TV combo – Like that’s not dangerous

First they banned driving without a seat belt – Which made sense

Then they banned the use of “hand held” mobile phones, which still causes debate. But then I guess you’ve never been side swiped by a woman texting her daughter to say she was going to be late. Nearly “late” in every sense.

Then they targeted people who tinted their glass too dark. Which was a fair point, because nothing looks more pathetic than a Citroen Saxo with black windows.

So what exactly are the nanny state going to have to say about Garmin’s latest Sat Nav system, as emailed to me today?

Currently being promoted with Disney’s “John Carter” the nüvi 2585TV isn’t just a Sat Nav… oh, no.

Because that’s bad enough for some sections of the Government. To just take a sideline here, the UK Government “summit” is to discuss the implications of people following directions from Sat Nav’s and then finding themselves dangling off cliffs or in a river or driving to the WRONG Gibraltar. Fact is, that these people are ALL MORONS and shouldn’t even be allowed to be behind a wheel of a car, let alone operate a satellite navigation system.

Of course, you could put your tinfoil hat on at this point and point out the fact that the Government needs satellite navigation to work flawlessly because pretty soon it’s going to be required in every car, so you can be charged per mile, test your not breaking the speed limit and so on.

Back to the nüvi 2585TV.

It sports

  • a 5″ screen
  • “Guidance 2” software (whatever that is)
  • Lane Assist (which is actually more useful than it sounds)
  • 3D traffic (which is the replacement to TMC)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for your phone and…….
  • A built in TV Recording and Playback functionality

As it says; “you can set programmes to record before you set off or watch TV live wherever you go. ”

It’s not clear if the TV Playback / Live TV functionality is active while the car is moving. But the implication is that IT IS.  Of course, this could be clever marketing. Garmin hoping that somebody is going to make a MAJOR fuss in the media about it, then it can politely point out that you can’t play while driving. Because not even Garmin are that stupid… are they?

I guess we’ll have to wait to see if somebody puts on a claim form that the accident was caused due to the surprise that Bruce Willis is actually dead throughout the majority of the Sixth Sense. Or that “The Woman in Black” caused me to swerve into oncoming traffic. That kind of thing.


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