Who’s Drone is it anyway? The mystery of the drone over Syria

You might have caught on BBC Radio 4’s PM program where Ricken Patel of Avaaz basically said that Syria’s success at shelling Homs was all down to the Russian’s (or Iranian’s) giving them technical assistance with a UAV. You can listen to it here.

There is a video associated with this, that can be found on the GEOINT website. Oddly the video, located here, isn’t listed. I’ve included it here.

The site then goes on to speculate the origin of the drone. But oddly, Russia isn’t even listed as an option.

So you have to ponder why, independent non-political, Avaaz is pushing Russia to the front. Is it perhaps because Russia blocked the UN on action against Syria perhaps. Hmmm. Avaaz, incidentally, has long since been regarded with some suspicion. Especially given it’s methods and apparent technical backing.

Social Trap did a posting on the subject, but even the audio above provides some additional confirmation of the “creepy” activities. I’d have gone for “spook like” but that’s just me.

To include and extend –

  1. AVAAZ has decided on regime change – Which is the position as determined by the US State department.
  2. … and has agents working on the ground with the rebels – Nice use of the word “agents”. In the audio Eddie Mair almost calls them “operatives”, but is corrected to “activists” by Patel. Just in case the association is there.
  3. AVAAZ employs the use of high tech. equipment to get “citizen journalists” – Which is exactly how Hillary Clinton described the State Department and CIA’s actions in “supporting” the “Arab Spring” revolutions in this piece from the excellent No Agenda show.
  4. AVAAZ now requires NATO/US/UN to engage militarily to support our program of regime change.
  5. AVAAZ uses crowd sourcing to solicit large numbers to back it, and funds for its programs – Linked to 3.

GEOINT offers up the following options for the Drone.

The Iranian Pahpad UAV

Iranian Pahpad UAV
Iranian Pahpad UAV

The Aviationist goes so far as to name this as the exact model. But it’s not that clear, is it? Perhaps. It’s actually quite hard to get a sense of scale from this image and I can’t find a person stood next to it.

The Iranian Mohajer-4 UAV

Iranian Mohajer-4 UAV
Iranian Mohajer-4 UAV

Recently shown off, but looking quite small.

But then there’s also this

Israeli Heron UAV

Israeli Heron UAV
Israeli Heron UAV

Or perhaps this.

Turkish Caldiran UAV

Turkish Caldiran UAV
Turkish Caldiran UAV

Or perhaps this….

USA AAI RQ-7 Shadow

US RQ-7B Shadow UAV
US RQ-7B Shadow UAV

Which is also small.

Or maybe this…

Unnamed Russian UAV built by VEGA and shown in 2011.

Russian UAV built by VEGA
Russian UAV built by VEGA

So what does the all mean then?

In fact, you could probably find dozens of UAV’s with a similar profile and a reason to be in the area. After all, we know for a fact that the US has drones surveilling the area, they’ve admitted it. For “humanitarian” reasons. I mean who am I refute that. 🙂

Plus the assertion that Syria is unable to put together a drone, when there are projects on YouTube to make your own… that’s just stupid in the extreme. I mean really, who can’t make a remote control aircraft?!

Maybe Syria’s been looking at the DIY Drones or Build your own Drone.

I guess I’m a little suspicious as to Avaaz naming Russia like that, with NO evidence to back their claim. Something that even Eddie Mair passed comment on. I guess he didn’t get the brief on the script.


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