I think Wikipedia works a bit like this… my favourite Yahoo Question… today

I’ll get right to it.

Do midgets have night vision?

One of my friends told me that midgets have night vision but I wasn’t sure if it was true. I know a little person from school so i called him up and asked him. He didn’t say anything and just hung up so im pretty confused. Can anyone help me?

Which has garnered this “CORRECT” answer from Row W.

yeah they actually do. its a genetic advantage to make up for their lack of height when hunting in the open fields. it’s lethal

lord of the rings

I think what makes me laugh the most is the “source”. Genius.

But the fact is that this question has been marked as answered and THIS is down as the correct answer.

So if this level of stupidity is OK. What’s Wikipedia like?

Well, lets try. I’ll add something stupid and see how long it stays there.

I’ve updated Barry Gibb‘s Wikipedia profile to include this bogus personal fact.

Barry Gibb is a keen apiarists, something he started during the periods between long tours to help him relax.

If you don’t get the pun, apiarists are Bee Keepers, he was in the Bee Gee’s after all. I’ve even taken the time to add a bogus reference.

Now given how popular Barry Gibb is, I doubt it will be there for more than an hour. But it would be interesting to see how long it is there.

Still there: GMT 14:00 28 February 2012

Still there: GMT 17:54 14 march 2012

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