Cold Winter? It’s global warming… No! It’s the sun… no it’s la Nina… i.e. Nobody knows for sure!

Poor old Richard Black. He must be having a funny day today, because the BBC have published two very different reasons for the harsh winters of late. What’s was it that F Scott Fitzgerald said?

“An artist is someone who can hold two opposing viewpoints and still remain fully functional”

I think that’s how Richard must be feeling today.

In the blue corner!

Melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters

As global temperatures have risen, the area of Arctic Ocean covered by ice in summer and autumn has been falling.

Writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a US/China-based team show this affects the jet stream and brings cold, snowy weather.

In short, it’s the “cold water” based air-conditioning concept. Where sea ice is causing warm air to be diverted and/or cooled.

I should really point out that this correlation link is considered a bit shady by most climatologist / meteorologists. The simplistic view doesn’t take into account the actions of El Nino and La Nina, nor the action of the Agulhas Current or rather the Agulhus “leakage” which DOES affect European weather.

But that’s OK. Because they have “models” that prove it. *ahem*

OK. I’ll be fair, they do have some data to go along with that, but it’s hardly conclusive and this is being put forward on the rather hypothesis side of theory, if you catch my drift.

Meanwhile… back in October

Ultraviolet light shone on cold winter conundrum

The UV output of the sun is far more changeable than previous thought. Thought by who?!

Anyway, the SOlar Radiation and Climate Experiment seems to be earning it’s keep, even if it is annoying Al Gore. You see the damn thing is showing how the sun is kicking around the climate far, far more than previously thought. It’s got so bad that even the poor Met Office are publishing papers to that effect, although they are keen to not show the mechanism. Why? Well, if they do that.. that would mean they would have to apologise to people like Henrik Svensmark postulated over ten years ago and was marked a heretic for. You might also remember CERN confirming his results in their Cloud project. That’s a PHYSICAL experiment, not a model *ahem*.

You’ll remember how the BBC played the whole thing down.

Anyway, seems our SORCE  team plugged their ultraviolet measurement data into the Met Offices Hadley Centre computer. Guess what, the results of the new model reinforced the concept that UV variations affect winter weather. It’s not the ONLY reason, but it’s interesting.

What’s MORE interesting is that affect the IPCC claims the sun has on the Earth. ZERO. Nothing… or at least as good as that. So how accurate can IPCC 4 be


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