Wind power unjustly maligned, says wind power manufacturers – Think of the money! Er.. Children!!

Telegraph report.

Some of the world’s biggest wind companies, who are considering expanding their business in Britain, say they are reviewing their investments due to a growing backlash against the technology.

The companies say that billions of pounds of investments in factories, research facilities and other developments in the country, has been placed at risk.

So essentially, because the UK Government (who can pay for it) doesn’t buy into the bullshit, they are going to pull the plug. So what! Screw ’em. It’s well known that wave power is the UK’s most effective  “green” method of generating electricity. Not only are the waves pretty constant, it’s actually a pretty efficient method of extracting the power in the first place.

So why, exactly, are wind turbines seemingly the preferred method? Well, you’ll have to ask the basic question; who stands to make more money. And once you realise the the wave technology is a product of public funded research and therefore anyone can use it… well, do I need to say more.

So the wind power companies need to get more attention, hence this publicity piece.

More on this when I get a chance.

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