Woman in Black – A 12 year old’s review

I’ve just had an in depth report on “The Woman in Black” from my junior entertainment journalist, aka 12 year old Natasha.

Her in depth report is that she “nearly shit herself” watching it and spent the last 45 minutes of the film hiding behind a box of popcorn (not even her’s!).

Actually, she did say a lot more, but you could consider it a bit plot spoilerish.

Suffice to say, if you’ve got a son or daughter, around the 12-14 year old mark who’s “not going to be scared” I suggest you let them go.

To be honest, Natasha is laughing about how scared she got. Or maybe I mistook it for laughter what was actually hysterics.

In any case, she thought it was a terrific film.

It kind of reminds me off Jurassic Park when it came out. In the UK that was a straight PG and everybody went with kids.

5-8 year old’s screamed and either hid behind parents or laughed

9-11 year old’s RAN. I’m not joking, I saw over a dozen kids in this age range leg it out of the cinema.

12-15 year old’s screamed… then either pretended they only jumped because somebody else did, that they didn’t jump at all, or most popular, laughed at other people for doing the same.

I’m just feeling a bit sad I’m not on half term. So I could go and see it.



  1. I nearly shit myself, too, and I’m an old lady in comparison to Natasha. As for watching Jurassic Park as a 13 year old, I was rooting for the dinosaurs the entire time – evil little brat 🙂

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