US puts pressure on new Maldives President following coup

From the Scotsman.

Maldives president buckles to US pressure for investigation into ‘coup’

The new president of the Maldives said yesterday that he was ready to face an independent investigation into the transfer of power in the Indian Ocean nation that his predecessor alleges was a coup.

President Mohammed Waheed Hassan said he had given an assurance to visiting US assistant secretary of state Robert Blake that he was willing to submit to a probe by an independent body as questions had arisen about his takeover of power.

Blake flew into the Maldives yesterday to assess the situation after the former president Mohamed Nasheed said he was ousted in a coup. Blake met Nasheed and was scheduled to meet other leaders of the island republic yesterday.

Nasheed resigned on Tuesday after police joined months of street protests against his rule and soldiers defected. He was replaced by Hassan, his vice-president.

Clearly the US wants to get it’s moneys worth. After all, they did pay $50 million in order to get the Maldives to sign the Copenhagen Agreements. Of course, the way the Guardian worded the headline, you are meant to assume that they DIDN’T want it signing. After all, this is the US, right!?

The reality is that Wikileaks leaked cables show they were willing to send the Maldives $50 million in order to guarantee their signature on the Copenhagen Agreement.



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