BBC pushing how COLD winter is….

It’s not hard to spot, especially when it’s blanket coverage on all it’s news output. But right now the UK is being bombarded, not with Winter weather, but with the propaganda that -3c is somehow unusual or bizarre weather to be having in the heart of Winter.

This morning, the BBC breakfast program went so far as to suggest that “Britain” has been suffering a “new kind of snow”. Which struck me as something of a bizarre statement, given it’s just rain falling on a very cold surface.

Of course, the agenda isn’t hard to spot…. especially when they insert the key word “extreme” into every other hyperbole.

The problem is this, the BBC has put great store into the idea that temperatures will rise due to “Global Warming”. They even went so far as to commission several documentaries in the 00’s to show that fact. The only trouble is that global temperatures have NOT risen in the last 10 years (statistically significantly) and in some regions they have cooled.

So then they’ve have to switch to “Climate Change”, which made most people in the UK laugh because if there’s something you know about a maritime climate… it’s that it ALWAYS changes. So now they are into the idea of calling everything “extreme”. Extreme cold, ice, heat, snow, rain, wind… you name it… somehow there’s a record somewhere to justify the point they are pushing.

The reality is that what people in the UK REALLY need to be told is that we need to increase our energy efficiency.

We need more economic vehicles (they don’t actually have to be slower or smaller, just smarter and lighter) and we need to improve how we generate electricity. I’m not talking about wind farms and solar. It’s been well known that the most efficient method for “clean” generation for the UK is actually “wave” generated, but oddly nobody wants to talk about that.

I guess it’s because the designs for the systems are in PUBLIC DOMAIN, whilst the solar and wind systems are owned by large corporations who in turn have majority interest in media organisations. Perhaps you are unaware of GE’s interests in solar and wind technology.

Of course, we can always look at nuclear and “clean coal”. It’s not like we’ve not go thousands of years of low sulfur-coal under the ground. And you can convert that coal to both gas and fuel. After all, the original gas for homes WAS made from coal. Town gas or illumination gas was created from gently heating and crushing coal. It was then used for lighting and heating. Of course, these days we’d take a dim view of the contents and would need to filter out the carbon monoxide etc. But it’s still very abundant and is currently a waste product of the processing of coal for power stations.

As for fuel, well the Germans managed to convert coal into synthetic petrol during World War II. But that’s a whole subject unto itself.


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