Travelodge Bristol – The straw that broke this camel’s back

It doesn’t seem more than a couple of months ago that I was bitching about the Travelodge in Bristol (with pictures! wahey) and it all seemed very negative.

Things haven’t improved.

Oddly, it’s not the most crazy thing about Travelodge that’s upset me. We used to have a corporate account with them and used them regularly. Travelodge actually killed the scheme and by a lucky coincidence I didn’t need to travel quite so much. During this period they restarted a new “Company card” scheme and asked us, as previous members, to join. At the time we didn’t need it and passed. But last November I needed the card again and sure enough, they unprecedentedly failed at trying to sort it out for me. They created two accounts for me to use, none ever worked and the card NEVER APPEARED.

I even complained to the head of the scheme and she cc’d me in on a “get it sorted” email that made no difference what so ever. In other words, a total bloody waste of time.

But that’s not the straw….. this is.

The back story. At the start of January I kept returning to the hotel to find that somebody had put the “do not disturb” sign on my door, basically resulting in neither my towels had been changed or the bin emptied. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if you knew in advance that this was going to happen. But it appeared to be totally random, like a mistake. Then two weeks ago it happened three days in the row and coupled with my door pass not working AGAIN I’d had enough. So I ended up going down to reception to complain and asked how often it happened.

“It happens” said the receptionist.

“No, I know it happens, it’s happened to me over a half a dozen times and I know it’s happened to other people. How OFTEN does it happen.” I asked again.

At which point I suddenly became invisible and she stared past me. Quite unnerving that.

So I got the idea that perhaps this wasn’t a fellow patron with a death wish and that perhaps the most likely candidate was the cleaning staff. So, embarrassing as this sounds, I set a trap.

Last night I bent the top bottom corners of the “Please do not disturb” sign in opposite corners and put a tiny paper wedge in the door.

I returned to the room and found this.

The "do not disturb" sign that proves the cleaning staff did it
The incriminating evidence m'lord

It’s MY “Do not disturb” sign placed on the outside of the door.

I didn’t put it it there… and as the door was closed and the door locked, it didn’t walk out there on it’s own.

The paper wedge (too tiny to picture) was on the inside of the door.

So in a nutshell, here are the events. The door was opened. The wedge fell to the floor unnoticed, the cleaner looked in. Deciding against cleaning the room (it’s pretty clean anyway) they then put the sign on the outside.

But here’s my point.

If the cleaner didn’t feel my room needed cleaning, or that nobody stayed in it, then that would be all fine and good, I could except that.

But what’s going on here is that the cleaner is looking into the room, making a decision to not clean it and then covering up the fact that he/she isn’t doing their job by using the “Do not disturb” sign as an excuse.

All of which is pretty underhand and sneaky. What else is going on while I’m at work and the rest of my stuff is in the hotel room. I mean I should point out that you’ll appreciate I take everything of any real value with me. But that’s not the point.


So this kind member staff has forced my hand a little and I’ve made a rather momentous decision. No matter where I work in the future… I will NEVER stay in another Travelodge. And if you think that’s hyperbole or bravado, I should point out that 6 years ago I swore to never use T-Mobile again… and I’ve not done that either.

Some companies are just best avoided.

I’ve already booked the DaysInn for next week. I’ll give a full review at the weeks out.



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