Stealth advertising – I wonder if they’ll read my message

I noticed that the excellent More of Less podcast has a contact us box. So I’m trying a little experiment. First to see if I get my request responded to and secondly to see if I can trick them into advertising the No Agenda Podcast without actually realising it.

I sent;

Before I start, I have no agenda. Podcasts like yours provide me with a healthy source of accurate prospectives. So when I was reading Yahoo news in the morning and came across this story……

I’m always fascinated how DVT stories never contain any %’s of likelihood. I presume this is because it’s VERY low. Which would make window seat increase VERY, VERY low.

But what’s the reality?

I wonder what the chances of them being tricked into reading out the No Agenda Podcast element in a single breath are. I’m basing this on the fast, breathless way he reads out the listener mail…

You never know. 🙂

To be honest, I’d be happy to just get my message read out.


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