Apple’s latest Airport Update (7.6.1) is a disaster – DON’T DO IT!

There was a time when you could pretty much rely on the fact that Apple wouldn’t screw up your system. Having total control of the hardware meant that Apple could thoroughly test updates against an array of systems, just to make sure nobody is going to be inconvenienced by some glitch of other.

So it’s something of a shocker to find out (and be the victim) of an update pushed out by Apple that’s only intended for TWO bits of hardware.

The latest update for the Airport Extreme and Express (7.6.1) screws the pooch. For want of a better phrase.

Lets have a look at the current crop of things it blows to bits.

  1. Items that previously could connect to the WiFi network now can’t, for example AppleTV, XBOX and/or Android tablets and Blackberry phones
  2. If you have created an extended network, extreme to express, then only the express will accept new logins.
  3. MobileMe doesn’t work for some people
  4. WDS doesn’t work for some people
  5. Airport Extreme won’t talk to Airport Express
  6. Airplay doesn’t work

The list goes on and on. Check it out here.

Things wouldn’t be quite so bad if we all hadn’t paid so much for our hardware. But we did, and we expected better service and support as a result.

As a result, I’ve removed the two dodgy bits of Apple kit from my network and replaced them with two other bits of kit which SHOCKINGLY seem to be 100% reliable, despite being £30 and less.

The moral? You get what you pay for, unless of course you don’t



    • I did downgrade the firmware (something I could only do from Windows).

      But the point of post wasn’t really about that. If you purchase Apple gear you pay a premium over other suppliers, something you accept due to a perceived idea of better support and quality.

      So when they let out the update without, seemingly, testing to see what it would do to extended networks, I figured I wasn’t getting what I paid double for.

  1. Oh yeah I’m having problems with it! It must be the updated firmware. THX!
    It’s just weird cause I have one laptop at home which if I configure it(just by renewing the password, really) with the airport utility it works fine but all the other laptops at home do not. All have Windows. The problem also happens vice versa so technically I can get all of them working – just not at the same time. The problem is that the “special” one is not mine. It sucks.

  2. It’s a real shame. We are in February and there was absolutely no firmware update for the Airport Extreme from 7.6.1! Mine stop working every hour and I have to take out the plug each time… I know nothing about downgrading the firmware and I do not want to spend time on this anymore. I don’t understad why they do not correct this, we are customer… I’m just gonna buy a non-apple product…

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