The warm glow of sticking it to Google – YaCY

Last Tuesday Adam Curry tweeted about a new P2P search engine he was experimenting with, that was giving him a little bit of trouble, so I figured I’d join in and see if I couldn’t lend a hand. What the hell, right? I should point out that the P2P isn’t WHAT it’s searching, it’s HOW it’s searching.

The project is called YaCY and the idea is to provide an open, peer supported and non-centralized search engine. Each peer is either a single desktop/laptop, clustered, virtual or actual server. What runs in the background is a Java app that gives up some of your CPU time and memory to the process on indexing files. In fact, you can in fact submit sites to be indexed, which is a pretty cool feature.

I guess you could say it’s a bit like BitTorrent, only for search. Best of all, they offer the software free for use privately against your own archive of files. You can then offer up their search engine for use by your internal customers, in the case of a large organisation.

The issue Adam was having, incidentally, was a combination if low memory and old Java runtime. I can only therefore urge that you get the VERY latest Java runtime edition from Oracle and make sure you’ve got a sporting amount of memory to run with. I would suggest that at least 2GB of RAM would be a good starting point.

Anyway, it’s pretty much in it’s infancy in terms of search engines go. So please, why not give it a go on your own system… share a little love and lets take back search from Google. đŸ˜‰


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