Mickey Rourke now aims to play younger, balder, rugby player Gareth Thomas

You read some stories and you’re just lost for words. This is one.

It seems that after his success in “The Wrestler” Mickey Rourke is now aiming to try and explore the psychological effects of being gay in the macho world of rugby, by playing MUCH YOUNGER Gareth Thomas in a biopic film of his life (what else would it be of?).


If I was Gareth Thomas, I’m not sure I’d be flattered by the casting. I mean I realise that Mickey is sincere in his bid to play the role. But unless this portrayal focuses on Thomas after some weird traumatic event has happened MUCH LATER IN LIFE, how the hell is this going to play?

Rourke says he’s willing to undergo plastic surgery for the role. I suspect the audience will need to accept a “suspension of reality” drug before entering the cinema to go along with it.


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