LinkedIn… nuisance messages

You know, as much as I like LinkedIn, it really does provide a very easy mechanism for people to get in touch with you and annoy.

Today I’ve had three messages along this line

Please excuse this direct approach, but, I wonder if I could interest you in…. XYZ

Where XYZ is some whizzy-wow (often not) job they can’t find anybody for.

The thing is, at what point did I say I was looking for work… and why would I want to work in Stains for £25k anyway!

More often than not, the messages are from agencies I’ve NEVER heard of, presumably they are trawling LinkedIn for potential candidates because they have no other sources. Had they bothered to check out my profile, they’d had noticed I’m a consultant and I’m not looking to leave my company to work for Mr Widget and Co. I digress.

I wonder if I should play along in return. Maybe I should message back asking for a date or be flirty or something. Or try and recruit them to some insane group… “Flat Earth Society” or something.

If you’ve any suggestions, I’d look forward to hearing them.


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