Who do Renault think they are kidding – Latest electric car advert is ridiculously stupid

Renault has foisted another egregious advertising campaign on the UK.

What amuses me most is that the items they show as being recognised as electric are actually LESS environmentally friendly than what they replaced. Creating electricity produces huge amounts of CO2. Electricity production is the single biggest source of CO2 in the UK.

The advert even goes on to suggest that we have petrol driven versions BEFORE electric ones.

You have already switched to electricity or a number of things. So why not for travelling?

All of these items wouldn’t exist WITHOUT electricity, there never was a petrol driven version. So what is their point? That using electricity is AS polluting than using a petrol engined version? No, it’s that by using electricity you are therefore CLEANER? Except, we know it’s not.

Lets tackle them one by one.

  • Shaving using a razor and soap. No need to create CO2 there, except maybe to warm the water.
  • Drying your hair, try a towel!
  • A mechanical computer? No, but calculating machines used to be hand cranked.
  • Electric whisk, try using a hand whisk.
  • Electronic toys and TV? Try dolls and reading*
  • Vending machines used to be entirely mechanical in nature. I even remember seeing the old chocolate machines in the London underground as a child (and they were 50 years old then!)
  • As for paying for a meal, how about CASH and a CASH REGISTER

But what do you think?

Are they missing the point? Or have they totally messed up on making a point, in that it backfires.


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