Wikipedia – Nice idea in principle, but administrated by idiots – Like Fastily

Two days ago I created a little Wikipedia page for the voice actress Katarina Olsson. Her name probably means nothing to anybody, but she’s been in several Big Finish productions and I figured it was time she deserved her own Wikipedia page.

After all, she is mentioned by name in the cast list in a number of their Audio stories; which I incidentally then used as the source of her body of work.

Now, this is pretty much like EVERY SINGLE ACTOR in Wikipedia. But for some reason, some jumped up little prick with the moronic handle “Fastily” decided that he (or she) would take upon themselves to flag my little page was COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Which seams a little odd, given I GOT ALL THE DETAILS FROM WIKIPEDIA.

Today I checked, and despite me pointing out their obvious mistake, they went ahead and deleted the page. Which sort of reminds me of the whole Saint John Hunt debacle. In which, despite being a published writer, his page is under constant deletion because of the story he wrote about his father E Howard Hunt being involved in killed JFK. Not a message that wants to printed, clearly.

I could go on, but what’s the point? The fact is that Wikipedia has, for a long time now, been taken over by a whole bunch of special interest groups. Try listing all the points proved to be false in “An inconvenient truth” and see how long they stay up their.

But to delete an actress, for seemingly no reason… actually, that reminds me. I should point out that Fastily refuses to explain why he deleted the page. Which is even more bloody pathetic! So, I guess I’m hitting back on a page I wholly control. Fastily, you are a pathetic little human being, and so’s you Mum! (he he)

So, Jimmy, if you wonder why I keep ignoring your annoying banner to sent you cash for Wikipedia NOW YOU KNOW!

The place is policed by spooks, morons and little minded individuals.-)

Incidentally, I was invited by another Wikipedia user to pass comment. So I wrote this;

Despite making a very case to prove the material DIDN’T come from “copyrighted” material, it was deleted anyway. The source material from the piece came from;

  1. Wikipedia itself
  2. Discussions with Nicholas Briggs of Big Finish productions

And yet despite this, it’s gone. So I’m giving up on Wikipedia, it’s clearly turned into a minority sport with no room for anybody else. I’m publishing this comment in my own blog, at least I know it won’t be deleted.

It will have no impact. But it made me feel better 🙂

Which is why I couldn’t resist dropping this on Fastily’s own page.

Unambiguous copyright infringement, eh? Can I point out that I got the majority of the information in the article was sourced from Wikipedia and some from the audio podcast of Big Finish (I think it was early November 2011) and from a brief bio.

Given the 90% of Wikipedia is material taken from other sources and then redrafted, I think you decision to target my little article seems a little churlish. Has Miss Olsson offended you in anyway? Did you ask for an autograph and she slighted you? Or do you have a particular disdain for voice actors?

I’d have to assume all of those, because the decision to delete the article without suggestion of amendment would appear to breach the very spirit of Wikipedia, the “peoples encyclopedia”, providing us with a real glimpse into what is effectively a cabal of like minded people. Or am I wrong?

Smite ended.



  1. Well for one, Wikipedia IS Copyrighted, copy-pasting wikipedia will get you in trouble with the law, just ask the pentagon. 2. Wikipedia does not consider other wikipedia content as a source.

    • Which might have some baring, but given I sighted the Big Finish link on Wikipedia only and then sourced all the details (audio titles / characters) from Big Finish… And as I said, wrote it in MY OWN words, I don’t see how this is an issue. If you are listing an individuals body of work from multiple sources how the hell ARE you going to avoid not including the titles (which I presume were the (c) issue). No, I never did get a justifiable reason for why the strike – which element was considered “copyright infringing” and when pressed I still get a response.

      UPDATE – Had a quick look and Fastily has received many previous comments for flagging items uploaded by individuals as copyright infringement, despite it being THEIR OWN PROPERTY. Like I said, it’s a cabal.

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