SETI back on! With help from the US Military funding…..

No sooner did I post to the No Agenda News Network the story that SETI is now back in business, with a aid of a large wedge of cash from the US Military, and suddenly my inbox starts to fill up with email from SETI encouraging me to crank up the ol’ powerhouse and get those numbers crunched once more.

Incidentally, I call it the ol’ powerhouse because that’s how much power it uses. 🙂

Anyway, back to the story. It seems that the US Military would like SETI to take a good hard look at Keppler 22b. Which is pretty odd really, because why would the military be particularly worried about an exoplanet so far away, especially one so big. It’s practically the mass of all the inner rocky planets added together. Can you imagine the gravity on that thing!

But I guess they must be particularly worried about it, because they’ve chucked a whole load of cash into the SETI project.

So, any ideas?

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