X-Factor not rigged… ? So why did this happen

Before I start, I should make a point very clear…. I HATE the X-Factor with every single fibre of my body. That aside, I do like it making a total arse of itself. Which is something that’s been somewhat covered up by news from Europe and climate talks not quite going to plan (don’t worry, there’s a fix for that).

Basically, high-street and online media selling giant HMV made something of a gaff when it posted on it’s website the X-Factor Amelia Lily’s WINNERS single.

Amelia Lily's X-Factor "Winners" CD
Amelia Lily's X-Factor "Winners" CD

Now far from it for me to be a little sceptical, but doesn’t a competition have to end before you can go ahead and make CD singles for this purpose.

The icing on the cake came when X-Factor confirmed my suggestion that the show can’t be seen to be rigged, and she found herself being mysteriously voted off tonights show.

I say mysteriously, because she wasn’t the worst singer.. in fact, up until this point, she’d been getting more and more votes. So it came as something as a surprise to her fans. But not me.

Because I’ve had a pretty good suspicion, based upon talking to people who worked on the show, that the whole circus is nothing more than a very profitable scam. Remember kids, the “judges have the final say”…. and of course, unlike other shows, X-Factor have NEVER made the claim that their voting system is independently monitored. Why? Hmmm.

It should be noted the number of “technical errors” that have been discovered relating to X-Factors text voting system, something that started as early as season three and continues to this the very latest season number eight.

I think Charlie Brooker had the best take on it. Go find it on YouTube.




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