Travelodge Bristol Central – Quick Review… with pictures

Well, what can be said about the Travelodge in Bristol Central that hasn’t already been said many, many times before on hotel review sites around the internet.

Bedside table - Broken off
Bedside table - Broken off

So I figured I’d go one stage further and SHOW the issues with the pictures I took.

I guess the first thing I noticed about my room was the lack of beside table.

Looks like somebody sat or jumped on it, quite some time ago (there’s dust all over it) and nobody has decided to clean up the sharp edges or the splinter inducing broken chipboard.

Not to worry, because the next problem was much more pertinent; given it’s December.

Broken window lock
Broken window lock, so the bottom hinged window would open in the night

It’s the fact that the bottom hinged window’s only lock was broken.

And I don’t mean just a little bit, I mean broken to the point where it’s actually impossible to close the window.

Now clearly this was known to the staff, because the cleaner had attempted to keep the window wedge closed by stuffing a restaurant menu into the bottom.

But this just didn’t work, the weight of the window opening had crushed it and the highly exposed location of the hotel meant the wind blew it open time and time again.

The fact the interior components had started to rust, just told me that this had happened some time ago, perhaps contemporary with the broken table/shelf.

Broken curtain
Broken curtain, again

Next up was the balcony curtain, that was basically just hanging on by a few curtain hooks. I mean what’s that cost to fix?

You can buy about a thousand for £10 on eBay!

Best of all, I fixed it. Only to the cleaner then re-break it opening the curtains the day after.


Add to this fun and games in the restaurant on Tuesday. When a very drunk and potentially mentally ill eastern european woman came in and verbally abused a young couple, for no reason. The result being that the staff ran out of the bar/restaurant and hid in reception. Only to reverse the move when she moved back into reception.

More amusingly was the serenading drunk Scotsman at 2am the same night. Singing some song about missing Scotland. I’d be angry, but he ended his ballad with a really sad, lamenting “I just wanna go’ome”.

On the plus side, the food is actually OK, so long as you pick selected items from the menu. The bubble and squeak soap is filling and the burger / chicken burger combos are tasty (and easy to cook). I’ve tried the pizza. But i don’t think the oven’s up to cooking them, as they had a very uneven temperature to it. Red hot on the outside, much cooler in the centre.

Some of the staff a very nice, some just couldn’t give a crap. So… in that respect, it’s like any other hotel.

I’m willing to give it another go. But at £50 a night isn’t seem very decent value.


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