video Wow.. Women’s football IS tough

Could this be the female Vinnie Jones?

Actually I feel a bit sorry for Elizabeth Lambert. If you take the time to watch carefully, with the exception of the rough tackles, all the other incidents are started by the OTHER PLAYERS.

Number 7 elbows her in the breast – She punches back.
She gets the ball of number 21 who them “falls” on Lambert’s legs – So she kicks her
She heavily tackles number 7, but DOES get her foot to the ball – So not a foul
Number 21 goes down and drags her over – So she sits on her
Then number 21 grabs her shorts – so she pulls her to the ground with her hair.

As for kicking the ball at the players head… she “could” have been trying to clear the ball *ahem*.

So she’s not really the bad girl…. she’s just got anger issues. Major ones 🙂


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