Pity poor Hugh Grant… he’s an idiot

Don’t get me wrong. I can see how Hugh Grant’s upset about the obvious press intrusion and use of “phone hacking” (not actually a hack, he left his PIN code on default).

But he just made a statement along the lines of.

“The press are the only organisation in Britain that polices itself.”

Which is pretty funny. Because obviously the Police, police themselves. It’s the IPCC, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, staffed by Police officers.

Then you’ve got the medical profession. The British Medical Association is ran and managed by, you guess it, medical professionals (mainly Doctors and Consultants).

Then you’ve got the Army, which polices itself with a mixture of Military Police and Provost officers. But essentially it’s self policing.

Then you’ve got the Nurses…..


…. actually, you know what. I can’t be bothered. I hope I’ve made the point, Hugh Grant.. likeable yes, thoughtful… no.

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