Who is Google kidding?! – Google Checkout is crap…

So very early this morning I noticed that somebody charged $30.00 to my Google Account for some games points from OnNet USA Limited… and it wasn’t me. Shocker.

Now I don’t use Google for very much these days, especially not Checkout. In fact the last time I used the service, it turns out, was over a year ago.

To get to the point, somebody has hijacked my Google account and made the charge. Which is odd.

Odd because not only is the password complicated, but I also used it the night before in order to raise a complaint against Google. Now all of a sudden it’s cracked and open to abuse. Coincidence? Now in case you’re wondering if I’ve got a leaky (wide open) WiFi or such, I can assure you that I have not. In fact, I’ve two firewalls, double encryption and a very serious attitude to all this.

So I complain to Google, who “investigate it” and then email to say…

Our specialists have performed a thorough investigation of your account ID: xxxxxxx@googlemail.com. It appears that your account was compromised on 11/08/2011. For security purposes, we suspended this account to prevent additional activity and charges.

THEY investigated the account? No, I investigated the account and told them.. and told them WHEN it was compromised. So… love the “expertise” line there.

Essentially, their advise is to change my password and inform the credit card company. Nice, so why would anybody use bloody Google Checkout again?

I mean, much as I hate it, PayPal is more than happy to yank back the cash as soon as you suggest there’s something wrong. But Google, well, you are left to do all the leg work.

As for me, I’m no longer able to inform OnNet USA Limited so they can cancel the game credits, because Google wants me to jump through hoops to get back on the account.


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