When’s Morris Dancing NOT Morris Dancing?

When its some in the UK by school kids.

"Morris" Dancing
"Morris" Dancing... I think not

Want an explanation? Well, I’ve just come back from a local sports hall after seeing my three daughters (aged 8,7 and 3) strut their stuff. Dancing, pom-poms, marching. That’s cheer-leading right?

Apparently not. Because, despite the rocking beat and baton twirling, I’m told this IS Morris dancing.

Now I don’t know about you. But my recollection of Morris dancing really focuses around rather camp looking men dressed in white jumping up and down hitting each other with sticks. Usually with bells attached to their legs so normal people can hear them coming and make a run for it.

I can’t help wonder if you can get a grant from Europe for ‘Morris’ dancing while cheerleading isn’t supported. What do you think?

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