EU Referendum for UK

The whole debate over an EU Referendum for the UK IS MAKING ME SICK.

They must think that everybody in the UK is an utter moron. I mean, give me a break!

There’s all this talk of “voting with your conscience” and “looking after our neighbour”, with almost 100% coverage on the BBC (it shoved two terrible murders down to 2nd and 3rd spot) … and what’s it really about.

Well, it’s simple. The banks want to make sure that their money is going to be safe. So they are putting pressure on the people they sponsored into power (that’s the Conservative, Liberal Democrate and Labour parties) into making the decision that’s right for them.

So any expectation you might have that the UK should suddenly become a democracy, FORGET IT.

There’s going to be a “last minute” change of heart and the “No” vote is going to win over.

What a joke.

Only the joke is on us.

Speaking of which; Cameron really has no idea of fire fighting has he. “If your neighbour’s house is on fire” – what, throw more money at it?

So, just to clarify. It’s the BANKS that run the Government. And get used to it. Or peacefully protest about it…. and get vilified by the BBC. You’re choice.


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