Debunk day – The Alien Captured on live TV in Argentina

So 16 million people have watched this video on YouTube and it’s still causing a stir within the UFO community (so I’m told).

Is it really and alien, is a very thin chimp… what is it?

Well, I’ve had a look and it’s a fake. Sorry.

Here is my evidence.

Shadows wrong

In this still from the video you can clearly see that the sun is coming from the right had side. The shadowy area on the woman being interviewed is her right side (left on the picture).

The shadow is the giveaway

However, our alien buddies shadow is travelling from his base, to the top right of the picture. Meaning the sun for “it” is coming from behind the camera man’s left.

 Obviously that’s something of a contradiction really and it might point to an alternative explanation as the nature of the alien, other than a pure fake.
The next image is a little harder to capture in a still. So do watch the video to get the full effect.

Disappearing alien

Alien gets oddly absorbed into hat.
What happens here is that the alien mysteriously merges with the woman’s hat in a way that points towards issues of rendering artifact. Now this could be as of a result of the conversion of the video several times, or it might be in the original.
But essentially the pixels of the alien dissolve into the pixels that surround the hat. This is often the case when merging two video sources without a clean cut off point to create a “matt” against.
Now while this isn’t as solid evidence as the first image. It could be indicative of a pattern.
The video isn’t a “real” as you first imagine it to be. The “alien” is either a rendered element added to the original video OR a genuine part on the video caused by a reflection, perhaps from the rear window of the parked van, hence the reversal of the shadow.
Bottom line. Not an alien. Ah well….

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