Films that deserved a sequel… and that shouldn’t have had

Just having a few thoughts on movies that absolutely deserved a sequel and a few that should have stopped at one…. or zero.

1. The Golden Compass
This interesting fantasy epic, based on the novel of the same name, bombed at the box office. Despite being pretty good. Certainly a lot better than… Oh, we will get to that

2. Lemony Snickets’ series of unfortunate events
What’s a film to do to get a sequel these days. Very entertaining and for once not patronising to it’s audience. Plenty of stuff to do and a major mystery outstanding.

3. City of Ember
Intelligent, entertaining, thought provoking. Not a great success to say the least, but did well on DVD and has a real cult following.

4. Serenity
Huge following. Broke even at box office, massive DVD sales…. No sequel!

Now the dismal, should not have come backs.
1. Transformers
Need I have to say why? I mean the first one was bizarre, toy action movie with misguided, out of place masterbation joke. What was that about?!?

2. The Matrix
Was great. It’s sequels were increasingly abysmal. By the end, I wanted to get plugged in elsewhere.

3. Star Wars prequels
The only good thing is that it kept Ewan McGregor well paid. Otherwise WHY!!!

4. Harry Potter 1 & 2
These two Chris Columbus directed movies are absolutely awful and only peoples desire to see a Harry Potter movie made them a success. Watch again with a critical eye. Bad acting, bad effects, bad dialog. It’s like an extended Disney tv movie!

But note, 3 onwards are excellent and only make the first 2 look worse.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

6. Hellboy
Hellboy great! Hellboy 2…. WTF?!?

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