More twitter chats – This time it’s Andy Carvin

You have to laugh at Andy Carvin. This is the guy who re-tweeted honest to goodness Tweets from the heart of the “Arab Spring” with little regard as to where they actually came from. That’s little regard as in, he probably knew EXACTLY, but everybody else wasn’t supposed to work it out.

So following the revelation that a number of those important messages of truth and liberty appeared to come from a LOT closer to home than Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria or the Lebanon; his credibility might slight somewhat.

Now in case you’ve no idea who Andy Carvin is, he’s the “senior product manager for online communities” for National Public Radio. So the idea is that if something of interest (such as the odd revolution) should crop up on Twitter, Facebook or any of the usual suspects, he’s the expert on hand.

Or at least that would be the case… unless you happen to be protesting in the US. Because right now, in New York city, there are people walking down Wall Street protesting about the banks, bailouts, corruption and just about anything else that springs to mind.

I should point out that I’m not against the concepts of bank, corporations or anything of the such. But when a bank funds an election, that then ends in the inevitable funding of the institution with billions of tax dollars; that’s wrong.

Oddly, I’m not alone in this thought. So something of a meme has started, going under the handle of #OccupyWallStreet on Twitter.

As I write this message, it’s going on… RIGHT NOW. And the New York Riot Police are on their way. Which, the scheme of things usually means just one thing. Somebody is going to get killed.

So you’d imagine that Andy Carvin would be all over this….. but apparently not.

I heard about the lack of “re-tweeting” or coverage from Adam Curry… and I couldn’t resist. So I sent this Tweet.

@acarvin #OccupyWallstreet I cannot believe that you are not reporting on this story. Talk about a sell out. You should be ashamed.

Much to my surprise…. he practically replied instantly. Which either means he’s a robot (he he he) or it really upset him.

@RobertLeather Like I said months ago. I am limiting my focus to the mideast b/c I cannot cover everything. Don’t like it? Tough.

Now I thought that last bit was a bit rude. After all NPR is “MEANT” to be paid for by the general public. National PUBLIC radio, no less.

So I replied.

@acarvin Well that’s a nice way to talk to the people who pay your wages. I thought the P was Public, not pompous πŸ™‚

Which seems to have upset him.

@RobertLeather Nothing pompous about having a news beat. Much more pompous to complain I’m not covering your pet topic.

Which is odd, because surely social media stories is HIS pet topic.

@acarvin Miss! Not my pet project at all, just a growing story you (and NPR) refuse to cover. Reason? I think we all know.

I’m eluding to the fact that banks pump a lot of cash into NPR… which in return fails to cover stories of bank/corporation/Government corruption.

@RobertLeather I have no idea if NPR is covering. If we do, it’ll be on tomorrow. if not, it won’t. Simple as that.

Tomorrow? Like NPR shuts up shop at 5pm and they all go home for the day. But given his role in NPR I questioned his lack of knowledge.

@acarvin You’ve no idea. You’re senior product manager for online comm. and this story is right in your ballpark, so to speak. Interesting.

I’m guessing he either got bored… or didn’t have a good reply to that. Because he never replied.

If you thought this was funny, or your interested in the subject matter. I suggest you listen to the No Agenda Show this and every Sunday and Thursday. Subscribe to the podcast. And if you like what you hear, FOR GOD’S SAKE SEND THEM SOME CASH!



  1. His news beat IS ACTUALLY Mideast revolutions. All you did here was obnoxiously tell a guy what his job is and how he should do it and how you’re entitled, somehow, as an American citizen, to nothing but kind words and subservience from NPR staff.

    You look like a huge asshole, and you do a disservice to the cause by looking so.

    • I’d take that on the chin, except for the fact that he tweeted about the air crash in Reno (to mention just one)

      KTVN TV: 19 pilots have been killed in the Reno air show’s 44-year history. Worse than most air shows? One would think. #renocrash”


      IMDB listing for Jimmy Leeward, pilot killed in #renocrash at air show.

      Is Reno in the Middle-east? (Mideast?).

      Has IT been moved? πŸ™‚

      Nate, I feel a bit sorry for you. Maybe you should check your facts before mouthing off on a subject you don’t seem be following.

      Go away. Read some more and if you come back with a good enough reply, I’ll be happy to post it.

  2. So what? He tweeted what everybody could gleam from a casual google search for maybe one hour, then let it go. he also tweeted about his dog, his daughter, and some kind of sport event, does it mean that he should retweet all the health news he see and live-tweet the ongoing european volleyball championship. on a saturday, off work?

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