“Eco-Warriors” turn up in Lancashire to block fracking

The BBC are making another pointless report… but I’ll play along.


Now I’m not too keen on the idea of fracking to get gas.

But then I’m also pretty negative towards the levels of hypocrisy in the “eco” camp.

  • They arrived by car
  • They have nylon tents and ropes for their tents
  • They are wearing man-made (oil source) winter clothing
  • Not to mention the number of them wearing plastic framed glasses
  • Gas heaters and cookers
  • Presumably some are on medicines, created as a product of the petrol-chemical industry

My point is that they are happy to exploit the earth when it comes to their own convenience, benefit and health. But when it comes to the wider public, “human beings” – well that’s totally out of the question. I once got into a massive argument asking a “Save the Earth” group to turn the engine off on their parked Ford Transit, being told “they would get cold if they did”.

I mean the spokesman was wearing a hat made with a poly-wool mix! What does he think the POLY bit is!

It’s like those people campaigning against corporations, organising themselves using mobile phones. I blame the parents, clearly a sense of irony was never on the cards for these middle class, white, ne’er-do-wells.



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