Masonisms – A fond tribute to an ex-colleague

Just been reminded by a friend about someone I used to work with.

His name was John Mason and his accidental missmatched phrases were legendary at ICL.

They gained the moniker of “Masonisms”.

Here are some;

  • “We’ve been burning the midnight owls”, following a long development stint.
  • “It’s not just good, it’s the bee’s bollocks*”, when selling an inhouse product to senior staff. Incidentally, that spawned the joke phrase in the office of  “It’s the dog’s knees”.
  • “We’ll discuss that in the 3rd half.”, during a project meeting.
  • “I’d do it now, but I’m not busy”
  • “To many cooks spoil… the… er…. stuff.”
  • “A stitch in time, saves time.”
  • “If you throw enough people at something, you’ll make it stick”, talking about adding resources to getting a project done faster. Just sounds wrong though.

Mind you, he wasn’t the guy who said “You know, this year 2000 work. It’s only going to come round once.”, that was Chris Timebomb (Timewell) the head of the IT department!


* For those outside the UK. The phrase for “that’s REALLY good” is either “the bee’s knees” OR “the dogs bollocks”… and NO, I don’t know why either of them are particularly significant.

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