Switching from coal to natural gas would DAMAGE climate

Reuters is reporting on a fun little scientific study that points out that, even if you believe the CO2 rhetoric* you can’t help but wonder why anybody would want to push coal off the electricity generation list and put natural gas in it’s place.

The irony is that the sulphates coal emits block incoming sunlight and help cool the Earth. The worry of natural gas is that it might also increase methane. So a double whammy.

* I believe the climate is more complex than the simple CO2 modellers would have you believe and the interactions of both terrestrial and extra terrestrial influences on climate have yet to be either greatly understood or modelled. So that’s not to say I don’t believe we should try and “clean our act”, it’s just that I think we are trying to clean the wrong thing and should concentrate of have pure drinking water, particulate free air etc. etc.


  1. The use of sophisticated software systems for coal mining (thermal coal, steam coal and metallurgical coal) that is mostly burnt for power generation and steel production and adds to the greenhouse effect is valid for western countries who may allocate resources and funds to alternative and more greener sources of power. Some of the alternatives may be “safer” than the traditional mines. Unfortunately, coal reports and coal statistics show developing economies are more likely to increase their use of thermal coal & metallurgical coal in coming years because of its affordability and to meet increasing demands for electricity and steel. Whether they will embrace and utilise sophisticated software systems that no doubt add to the cost of production is yet to be seen. Cherry of http://www.coalportal.com

  2. The cost of developing such “systems” has already been met. So the retail cost of such “systems” should be competitive. Certainly there should be a cost benefit to using them.

    If developing nations use better technology to extract the most out of their coal surely a win win. Old nations get sales, new nations use resources better.

    I realise this is something of a pipe dream. But if the coal industry is really interested in it’s own future, surely this is the way to go.

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