The word the BBC couldn’t print, from March this year – In case you forgot

Prince Andrew is friends with a convicted paedophile

Over the last few days the Duke of York, aka Prince Andrew, has been under a steady torrent of accusations with regards his (and as it turns out, his ex-wife Fergie) rather suspect relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The usual suspects of newspapers have laid it pretty thick with the potential ramifications, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, let me summarise.

Starting around midweek news started to filter in from the USA that there were links between the Prince and the Prince of paedophiles Jeffrey Epstein. Seems Jeff and Andy are pretty close and Jeff even flies over 15 year old’s to rub Andy’s back.

Not only that, but Jeff helpfully paid off a number of Fergie’s major creditors, despite being only a ‘vague acquaintance”. But all is well because the whole thing got washed under the carpet with some bloody stupid story about who cares what.

The worst of all, is that a childhood hero of mine (and feminist) Annie Lennox seems to have totally sold out when she appraises the situation and Jeffrey Epstein in this audio clip from the Andrew Marr show.

Annie Lennox says, “Prince Andrew’s and his association with a man who appears to have a slightly disreputable past.”.

Let me just reiterate, Jeffrey Epstein is a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE.

Here the Daily Mail show a picture of Andrew surrounded by young girls. Nice.



  1. I must be having hearing problems – don’t think the prince actually got around to a re-iteration of the statements made from Buckingham Palace. Was it not more of a reference – that he must wish to reiterate without a spoken denial? Hastily buried by his actual statement that he wants to get on with his ‘work’? What is to stop him from plainly and unambiguously stating on his own behalf that the claims are fabrications? Did he say, “I just wish to re-iterate…” Or “I must wish to refer to the events of the past few weeks”? What about the events in question? Stands out when they refer to ‘oneself’ as I in our monarchy. Either way not so much of the strenuous denial as reported..

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