The rather disturbing case of Rebecca Leighton – And the hypocrisy of the Police

At the end of July a nurse called Rebecca Leighton was arrested by Greater Manchester police, accused of tampering with saline drips administered to patients. The drips contained high dosages of insulin, which result in the deaths of a number of patients at Stepping Hill Hospital, near Stockport.

The story started like this.

You’ll note that no cause of death for the patients has been deduced. So the only evidence to insulin being the cause is the “tampered bottles”

Then this happens.

Now something sounded VERY bogus at the start of this story. How you could pick one particular person out of ALL the people who would have access to “saline” is beyond me. But this first report suggests an “informant”.

The death toll increases and the press have a field day. It’s like a female Harold Shipton!

ITN News pushes the idea that Doctors and Nurses are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Manchester Evening News even stalk her empty flat.

Two months pass…..and ZERO evidence, the case against Rebecca Leighton is dropped and the police make a formal “apology”.

First the apology, to the family of the victims. Then an excuse. Then a suggestion that Rebecca Leighton may or may not be guilty, they can’t prove it. Oh, and now they’ve stepped the number of deaths up to 70. WTF?!

Now the head of GMP (Greater Manchester Police) is suggesting that suspects names shouldn’t be given out. Really? Isn’t that exactly what they did? Now they are blaming the press for all the wrong doing.

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