CERN has convincing evidence that global warming NOT anthropogenic

<h4>Number of mainstream media outlets covering this?</h4>

Much to the chagrin of the IPCC and Al Gore, those pesky physicist at CERN have gone and ruined the whole party. How so? Well, they’ve only gone and shown convincing evidence for the origin of “global warming” being NOT man made.

Worse still. This isn’t an effort of a couple of “crackpots”, under the “pay of the oil/coal companies”.

No, this evidence just happens to be the culmination of 63 CERN scientists, from 17 European and American Institutes, and worse news still is the fact that they are being backed by  over 8,000 scientists… all in agreement.

So in a nutshell they point to the fact that cosmic rays seed clouds and that they affect the climate.

This isn’t a new idea, it was first postulated by Danes. A helpful little video will explain all.

I don’t want to add to the video. But since the announcement of the original idea, it’s been poison for anybody looking to get funding into researching it. Luckily, CERN appears to have more budget and bottle to be scared off by the IPCC and whole global warming zealots.

Which is good for us. Because without it, we wouldn’t have this superb research going on.

Now I’m not going to say it’s the total picture, and I’m not going to say other elements aren’t entirely wrong. But what I am saying is that this is the sort of research that desperately needs to be carried out.

Oddly, nice write up from Financial Post.

The graph from the Nature article is here.

I’d link to Al Gore’s most recent rant… it’s too funny.



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