Adding comments has been disabled for this video – There’s faith in action!

Christianity is so much fun, so long as you white wash out the details

I’ve found another face slappingly stupid video on YouTube. Now, normally this doesn’t bother me.

But I’m irrationally annoyed by people who post how much faith they have and then essentially hide away from any debate that might shake that conviction.

Lets narrow in on KristinaLovesJesus. Now the fact that she’s fond of Christianity is NOT my problem with her, just to make that clear. What she chooses to believe in is her own private little get together.

But what really gets on my goat is that way a certain group of individuals will preach (and I choose the word carefully) the moral superiority of Christians by choosing a strawman argument. In this case it’s Hitler…

But to really clarify this, what Kristina is actually suggesting is that Christianity gave us those morals; all of them. So that without “the supreme legislator”, as she says at one point, we would be able to look at the actions of Hitler and say “gee, I think that’s a bit immoral”.


Now I can understand why she doesn’t accept comments on her videos, because basically they fall flat with even the most basic of questions.

For example, is she suggesting that in the ancient world, before Christianity, there were no morals? Because the Bible talks of moral individuals in the Old Testament (i.e. PRE-JESUS) is the Bible lying about them? Is the Bible incorrect at that point?

What’s more damning. If Christianity is such an awesome moral giver to the world. Perhaps she could explain;

  • The 1st Crusade – Where Christian knights and soldiers murdered innocent French and German Jews on the way to the Holy Land. Presumably to get a bit of practice in for when they needed to fight the Muslims.
  • The Medieval Inquisition – 1231 – 16th Century
  • The Spanish Inquisition – I think we’ve all heard of this fun time in Spain 1478 – 1834!!
  • The Portuguese Inquisition – 1536 – 1821
  • The Roman Inquisition – 1542 – 1860
All based on superior Christian morality, no doubt.
You know that the Pope, head of the Catholic Church, at the start of the 1st Crusade issued a proclamation that it was OK to kill Muslims and Jews. That’s despite it being against one of the Biblical commandments. How? Because they didn’t really count as people.
Now there’s moral fortitude in action… and don’t forget that Catholics believe (perhaps just believed now) that the Pope was God’s rep. on Earth. So this WAS the word of God.
Now if all this sounds like I’m being a little rough on Kristina. Bare in mind that her other videos are just as accurate historically. She even goes forward to say the New Testament is a truly ancient text. Which kind of flies in the face of the HISTORICAL ACCURATE FACT that we KNOW it was created during the Council of Nicaea by Emperor Constantine around AD 325.
But hey, lets not ruin a good story with accuracy, right.

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