Richard Black, ignores email… goes on holiday! Nice :-)

I guess everybody deserves a break once in a while. Richard “ignore the science” Black, the BBC’s environment correspondent, is off on a jolly this week and is happy to share this news.

You can’t help but notice that he’s chosen a very pertinent time to take a break for propagating the AGW theory, because it’s taking something of a hammering at present and from sources you’d hardly believe.

First up, the BBC’s own “Material World” podcast ran an episode in which it showed how inaccurate the current “top performing” climate models aren’t working.

To combat this the BBC hit back with an absolutely absurd “study” that said it’s science coverage was “fair and balanced”. What was amazing, was the way it was totally up front about it’s use of a friend of the BBC scientist and complete lack of transparency. I’ve already put in an FOI for the data. But somehow I doubt it exists.


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