Libya – Just who are we signing deals with?

Following hard on the heals on the UK Foreign Offices throwing out the last diplomatic representation of the elected Government of Libya, and the very people William Hague describes as being the correct people to deal with, decide to kill their top General in a rather nasty game of payback.

Libyan rebel commander Gen Abdel Fattah Younes was shot dead by a militia linked to his own side and now the likelihood of any decisive win on the part of the rebels seems very unlikely.

So the UK Foreign Office has once again backed the wrong horse, we’ve got ourselves embroiled in a war that we started and there’s no exit in sight. So, it’s business as usual for UK/US War Inc..

The only difference being that I think a greater number of people see it as exactly what it is, rather than a mission to “free the people” of Libya.


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