Martin Brundle looking to move on as BBC and BSkyB (Sky) share Formula 1 coverage?

Following the news that the BBC is going to loose it’s monopoly on Formula 1 to sharing coverage with BSkyB, Martin Brundle clearly doesn’t fancy the mix. So he tweated…

Martin Brundle
BBC/Sky/F1 2012+. Found out last night, no idea how it will work yet I’m out of contract, will calmly work through options Not impressed

Now I doubt that neither Sky or the BBC will be very “impressed” either.

You do have to wonder if Martin has had enough of being a commentator on Formula 1 or senses his own demise as the “bane of the grid” – with his over confident and occasionally rude interruptions to rival television companies interviews.

But before you get the wrong idea, I do like Martin and I find his incite and no-nonsense opinions to be a vey useful addition to the BBC’s F1 coverage. But really Martin, biting the hand that feeds you… not a great move mate.

So good luck with that Martin.

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