The non-democratic nature of environmentalism

It’s been a long held belief with a certain faction of “self described” climate sceptics, that environmentalism is green dictatorship. I’m not in that camp, but I have noticed over the last few months an increasing amount of pandering and compliance to green issues by politicians.

Now it could be that the politicians have gone green. But the fact is that the reason lies in the veracity and sheer intimidation that environmentalist put into their campaigns.

Two cases in point. In Salford a company wanted to put an electricity generation station that’s powered by waste. The emissions for which would be tightly monitored and filtered. It would provide clean and low cost energy to the community where it sat as well as removing harmful waste from the environment that would otherwise go into land fill.

But no! In steam the environmentalists, along with the truly awful Hazel Blears MP, who clearly jumped on the issue to get her mug of television again. Blears, you might remember, defrauded the tax payees by claiming false expenses and avoided paying tax to the tune of £13k, so she’s desperate to get on board something that makes her look good.

Despite the actual number of protestors being small, and then signed protest undeclared in number (I wonder why) the council lost its bottle and folded on the application. The minority therefore ruling over the majority; the very opposite of democracy.

It should be noted that the same council just roles over when Peel wants to convert land over to something it wants to build. I guess the environmentalists are fickle in their interests and focus on a more “not in my back yard” method to choose what to go after.

Next up is the recent news that the environment minister has decided, against scientific advice, to not allow a badger cull this year. Seems the enigmatic, yet disease ridden, monochrome mammals have got off again. Despite spreading t.b. To cattle. Seems badgers are more cute than cows, and nobody wants to go up against the environmentalist.

The fact is that the environmentalist movement is populated by predominantly white, middle-class people, under 25. They suffer from guilt for having all the modern advantages in life, and rebel by pointing the finger at corporations they consider evil. Oh, sorry, that’s not my opinion; it’s the opinion of Dr Roger Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace.

For my part, I’ve never met a bigger bunch of hypocrites. Driving’s ok for them, because they “have” to do it. Plastics, air travel, cell phones, leather… All ok for them, a necessary evil.

It’s everybody else who has to stop, you’re the problem, not them.

Let’s take children, how often in recent times have we been told that the population is killing the planet. Just like Daniel Hooper aka swampy, made famous for his protests about the bypass, who has three kids! Incidentally, the bypass has improved the environment in the area, in terms of wildlife and pollution, but you are not meant to know that.

It seems to me that environmentalism is all about doing as you are told and not leading by example. Opinions?

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