LUNA – TV that time forgot… and then I remembered

This is a bit convoluted, but here we go. Basically, I took my eldest to see that latest Harry Potter movie. There’s a character in it called Luna and for some very odd reason I remember the early 80’s TV show on ITV.

I managed to remember two things about it. The first is that it starred Patsy Kensit. The other thing was that it wasn’t very good… or at least that’s how I remembered it.

Now I’d hate to give out a review without some reference. So here’s a few links to video that somebody (insane no doubt) has put onto YouTube.

First up, the theme tune (which I thought was more catchy that it is).


UPDATE: I just noticed that the BBC totally ripped off the lens flare “look and feel” for it’s Colin Baker seasons of Doctor Who opening sequence. See what I mean?


Anyway, next up is a link to the original episodes….


What I do find now is just how very disturbing it is. People are essentially being manufactured on the Moon (hence the title), and “obliviated” (killed) if they have the slightest problem with them. In the very first episode Luna looses her identity card (I’ll not plot spoil); and her punishment is death.

Basically, the populous have been devalued lower than slaves and live in fear of the Government, managed locally in the form of the bureaucratically inept Bureau-bot. Something very reminiscent of a They are entertained and managed by their own humanoid like robot in a tiny little windowless “habi-virot” aka a plastic prison.

Its actually quite a dark little TV show, but perhaps it’s played a little too light. Satire or just getting everybody for the FEMA camps? You decide 🙂


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