CI5: The New Professionals – Plunging the depths of TV hell

Long story short, popped around to a friends house who had discovered he’d recorded the entire season (there was only one) of CI5: The New Professionals.

It’s terrible. I mean, it’s worse than you can ever imagine. So I clipped just two small extracts to just give you a taster.

Here we find out just how good CI5 are. “There the best”. Buttock clenching, I know.

How about this clip.

In this clip we are to believe that all Bulgarian guards are both deaf and blind. How big a hole did he make in that fence and how loud did he “sneak” just behind the guard!?

Best of all is the way the lack of location means the director has to be a little “inventive” on the path our balaclava hero takes. He’s outside a box shaped bunker. So he takes the tunnel to the inside and then climbs over the wall and slides down the outside again. Surely this then means he’s now back outside the box and it would have been a lot easier to just walk around the corner. Or maybe we weren’t meant to notice that…. *ahem*

Nostalgia Rating: 0/10

TV Rating: -4/10



  1. Just randomly came upon this page.

    Blast from the past that has had me laughing privately over the last few years just thinking about this bit (and doing the voices!). The original TV advert had parts from this scene in it, featuring the always awful Todd Jenson from South African infomercials. Great find! Made my day.

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