Another Hacker has Aspergers – Is it time for better medication or a vaccine?

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Ryan Cleary, the suspected hacker in the centre of the LulzSec hacking attack, has announced he has Aspergers syndrome. This places him in good company with the UK’s other top hacker Gary McKinnon.

Some things immediately springs to mind. Firstly, how good a hacker can they be if they are caught within hours of their “attacks”. Secondly, what’s the thing with Aspergers anyway?! Is it a short cut to hacking skills? Do the NSA and GCHQ employ these type of people in order to combat the other hackers?

Maybe it’s something we could use to target potential suspects, if this isn’t being done already.

But isn’t prevention better than cure? Is there not a vaccine that could be given to Aspergers who like computers? Or strong medication…

After all, we do need protection from this dangerous epidemic.

Ok, I admit it. I’m being satirical. The fact that the current reporting on this case carries the same language as a terrorist report and repeatedly reiterates an inferred link between Aspergers and “hacking” should be watched carefully.

How long before this very story doesn’t run for real? Maybe it already has.

Send me a link if you find it.



  1. You suffer from fear and lack of knowledge. Mckinnons wasn’t caught for a very long time. He got caught on purpose. That doesn’t make sense to a neurotypical brain, but it does to me. Your second question was if aspies were already being used to stop other hackers. Hello, I am aspie and that is part of my job & I am very good at it. No vaccine is needed, we are fine! Would you like it if a vaccine was made so you were an aspie? Probably not, because you wouldn’t understand the mind structure.

    • Actually, if you’d have bothered to read a little longer you’ll have noticed that I was in fact being satirical and was in fact pointing out a very negative meme towards people with Aspergers.

      I take it you just look for the phrase “Aspergers”, and then jump on people; without taking time to actually read.

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