TATA Steel closes plant in UK due to low demand – Oh, really.

It’s no surprise to anybody who bothers to read the news that TATA has a long running reputation for closing European steel factories (with a fondness for those in the UK) and then opening up a new one in India; while at the same time getting a lovely bonus of “climate change” cash from the EU Government. Last time, it amounts to around £50 million. Nice…. Especially as it went directly out of the European tax payers wallets directly into Tata’s bank account.

Now they’ve close another UK steel plant, claiming that there has been a serious downturn in the steel market.

Which must come as news to Steel Authority of India Ltd, because they are looking to spend $10 billion on a plant in Afghanistan in order to meet demand.

Wait… do you think Tata might have lied? Hmmm. As if they would 🙂

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