Gross negligence in green – Biogas production cause botulism in Germany

This article was actually translated from here by Pierre Gosselin, who’s excellent posting can be found here. I’ve included extracts from the post, the main source contains more worrying details.

The residue from biogas plants that produce “clean” green electricity is causing a deadly disease among domestic and wild animals, and humans – chronic botulism.

In the aftermath of Fukushima, the public wishes to shift to renewable energy sources. Today in Germany already over a million acres of land are producing corn for biogas plants. German Agriculture Minister Ms Ilse Aigner announced on 27 April 2011 that land used for growing plants for producing energy will be significantly expanded to an area anywhere between 4 to 6 million acres.

However, the supposedly environmentally friendly supply of energy is likely hiding a lethal bacteria in its waste.

In the German region of Vogtland in Saxony, 600 cows and the farmer himself fell seriously ill. Diagnosis: chronic botulism.

In general botulism is a lethal type of poisoning. But chronic botulism can also stealthily drag on in small quantities for years. Dr. Böhnel believes that biogas plants are “very likely” the source.

Not all that is green is good and I recommend you read the full post for the full picture.


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