Royal couple opt for delay of honeymoon – I guess we now know why

On the 30th of April we got this sycophantic puff piece from the BBC about how the Royal couple have opted to delay the honeymoon for a later date. Reason? None given. It was all very hushed over, just a quick mention and then some totally nauseating piece of BS.

Then by the 2nd of May (17:03 GMT+1 BST) we have this report via ABC that Osama Bin Laden has been found, shot dead, DNA tested and dumped overboard.

Now you have to assume that the US military suddenly didn’t just jump up and rush over to Pakistan and that there must have been some advance notice. But what I do find odd about the whole deal, why not go on honeymoon? I mean they are just as safe there (I forget where now.. Ibiza? Tenerife? I jest) than anywhere else.

So I guess it’s all about not wanting to waste a perfectly good distraction. What do you think?

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