Crank up the hype machine

Very personal thoughts

I can’t be alone in my thoughts that the current levels of jingoism presented by ABC, MSNBC, CNN et al; from New York, Washington and so forth, draws an ever certain path towards an “unexpected” reprisal.

It’s as thought US mainstream media have little thought to the fact that some people might be even just a little bit sensitive to the war machine that is American foreign policy.

Hoards of overweight white people chanting “USA” and “We got him!” fell barely short of a whole chorus of “America, Fuck Yeah”.

Of particular note is the lady who suggested that “It doesn’t matter how much it cost, so long as they got him”. I wonder how much of a bribe so got from the current executive?

But then this is what our Governments expects of us. Chanting, flag waving and general patriotism to the point of obedient blindness. For while the US  sends 40 guys and two helicopters to kill one guy in Pakistan. It sends just two planes to kill one man and his three pre-teen children in Libya. Of course, being the grandchildren of “the most feared man in Africa” clearly puts them in the firing line for such, otherwise regarded, atrocities.

You have to wonder how Pakistan is feeling right now. Effectively, the US has just wandered into it’s sovereign territory and murdered somebody. Sure, he’s not the nicest guy in the world. But it was murder. Lets avoid the fact that the US’s GLOBAL KILL ORDER is nothing short of state sponsored murder. Seems “ok” being Bin Laden, but imagine if they made a mistake, killed some complete stranger. Would you hear about? Or would they cover it up and get their guys out? No, forgot already….

Somewhere along the line vengeance and murder became acceptable over justice and law. Blame who you want. Or just use a mirror (as V suggests in V for Vendetta).

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