Do as we say – The many airline flights of Gillian Anderson

I used to love the X-Files. But now Gillian Anderson seems to have taken on something of an X-File story herself. It seems that despite being TOTALLY green and thinking air travel is the work of the devil… she doesn’t seem to be able to stop getting on a jet and blasting around the planet.

In reverse chronological order.

April, 2011 – She’s back in LA for her LAX Files event.

March 27, 2011 – She was in London. Photoshoot for the Radio Times.

February 18, 2011 – In UK for Low Carbon T-Shirt promotion (yeah, made me laugh also).

February 6, 2011 – Announces she’s off to LAX. No description of when/where. But this is AFTER she is spotted in LAX with Blonde hair, thus proving it’s two events, not one.

January 31st, 2011 – Arrives with new blonde hair at LAX. Presumably that’s “green” hair dye she used.

November 23, 2010 – Arrives in New York for opening of “The Break Of Noon” to surprise David Duchovny. I presume she offset this by talking less about how people shouldn’t fly.

Saturday, June 12, 2010 – Spain filming any human heart (she flew, didn’t bother taking the train).

So that’s only SIX long haul flight and TWO medium in ten months. I mean that’s not the worst I’ve seen. I mean it’s not Al Gore, fly to Sweden and then leave the car running so it’s not cold.. kind of stupid. But it’s not far off. I mean the flights to New York were totally and utterly indulgent.

Updated 4th April 2011

I’ve quite a bit of reaction over this blog posting. Some has been negative and stupid, some negative and interesting and some has been positive. One such positive reply was from a person who wishes to remain anonymous (which I’ll respect), is very devoutly into green and agrees with my point.

That person has sent me a link to this video, which I already knew about, but makes interesting viewing.

Here Gillian Anderson is asked that rather tricky question of how she arrived for the premier and acts somewhat arrogantly that she had to fly because it was too far to swim. Ho bloody ho. Nice of Moby to try and defend her from the very righteous question she’s being asked. What gives her the right to tell everybody else not to fly when it is OK for her? It’s not a quiz, it’s hypocrisy.

Another fun video is this one. Here Gillian suggests she will sign the pledge (not to fly). Guess she must have dropped it on the way back to the airport.

Also, Ed Milliband appears to not quite understand what “to the camera” means.. and has to be told twice.

Should I be worried how easy it is to TELL him what to do? I mean he’s only leader of the Labour party in the UK.

Update 8th May 2011

Gillian Anderson now doesn’t put her international flights on her blog. BOOO! And Ed Milliband has had his efforts to promote global warming banned for “exaggerating the effects”.



  1. Okay, let’s clarify – she is NOT going to attend the LAX-Files event – read the message PLEASE.

    When she was photographed at LAX(she has been blonde since the series ended), she stayed in LA for a week hence her message on her website.

    She has been in the UK ever since. Don’t assume.

    • Sorry, but lets clarify a matter here. It’s not really a problem whether she attended the LAX-Files or not (I’m using her official site as reference incidentally).

      The real problem I have is that she visited LAX in the first place! I’ll make my position clearer for you.

      Gillian Andersons tells everybody she can that’s it’s not OK for people to take flights. In fact she suggests a huge levy on air travel. However, that doesn’t appear to stop her jumping in the next flight out whenever the whim takes her.

      She even brags about flying to New York just to surprise David Duchovny at the opening of his show.

      So, if you’d like to defend that position, I’m all ears.

  2. Actually she has family in US so is natural that at times she will go there anyway. I dont think you also should point any work related trip against her desire to cut her flights.
    Work is Work and it for some it can happen in different places. Including promotion for said events.
    Plus, She wasnt in this LA event you are talking about…. and there is no information on her site about where she was.. Actually in her site there is a list of those who would attend this LA event and guess what there is not mention to her name.
    And your list is ridiculous… of course she will travel to UK… because she actually lives there, so you are just filling space creating events for her, unless you dont want she even leaves her house to prove she is green.

    And By the way she could have gone to Spain by train…. since she lives in Uk.
    Get a life.

    • Wow… talk about an apologist. We go on holiday every other year… but then we don’t tell everybody else TO NOT TRAVEL BY AIRPLANE.

      So it’s ok for HER to fly with work. Perhaps you’ve missed the point. She believes nobody should fly, for any reason. Perhaps you could explain how you balance that opinion with her flying. My point is that she is being hypocritical.

      As for my list being inaccurate. It is from her website, blog and publicist. The April 2011 came from her publicist… but I see it was dropped. It described how she would make a surprise guest appearance. Not quite sure how you can announce a surprise guest appearance. But there you go.

      Wow, she lives in the UK. You don’t say (sarcasm). I realise this, because we keep having to see her stupid “don’t fly face” while she dashes through Heathrow Airport trying to not get her picture taken. As for taking the train to Spain, yes she COULD have taken the train. But she didn’t.

    • I’m so utterly flabbergasted at your comment, I can’t let it go.

      Do you not see the hypocrisy in what she says to other people, but doesn’t practice herself? Or do celebrities have separate rules that apply to them.

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