BBC GM “Debate” show is “supported” but GM Crop giant DuPont

BBC World News is producing a panel discussion entitled ‘Feeding India: What will it take? (A Global Collaboratory on Food)’. Disturbingly, this BBC event is being “supported” by the GM/agrochemical giant DuPont.

Even more disturbing is the BBC/DuPont panel. It is 100% pro-GM, with 2 of the five panelists directly representing the GM/agrochemical corporations.

This is the panel:
Balvinder Singh Kalsi, President DuPont, South Asia
Pradip K Mazumdar, CEO & Director, CropLife India & Executive Director (Retd), Syngenta Group
Dr M S Swaminathan, Chairman, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) [father of India’s Green Revolution]*
Dr Swapan Kumar Datta, Deputy Director General (Crop Science), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
Ajay Jakhar, Chairman, Bharat Krishak Samaj [a pro-GM farmer close to MNCs like Monsanto and DuPont]

The event is taking place on the evening of Thursday 7th April at Hotel Taj Mahal, Mansingh Road, New Delhi. The discussion will focus particularly on food security and the potential for new technology to boost food production, and related environmental and sustainability issues.

This follows on from other BBC broadcasts on the GM issue that have been seen as startlingly partisan.

See, for instance:
Jimmy’s GM Food Fix
Sir Peter’s GM Food Fight?

Vandana Shiva has suggested the BBC be renamed the Biotech Broadcasting Corporation.

See here for more details…..


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