Select Committee found Climategate studies troubling – but move along, nothing to see here

You know, when it looks like a whitewash in this country, it usually is. But never has a Select Committee so clearly implied that the science is bad, only to then go onto say it doesn’t matter. Such is the latest babble from your Ministry of Truth on the climate science debate.

What passes for journalism in this country let it pass by. Nobody really reported on the findings and any comments on the BBC website are relegated to Richard Black’s section of the site. Or Fantasyland as I try to think of it. Even Richard is moved to suggest that perhaps all was not perfect in the garden Eden. Going so far as to offer the headline “Learn and move on”. Which you are to take as the polite version of “Shut up and there’s nothing to see here”.

What appears to be learned is very little. Emails are still routinely “lost”, the data is still nowhere to be seen and the questions as to why data cannot be replicated…. that’s something the CRU would rather you ignore and move along. After all, how is anybody going to make any money with “Cap and Trade” if these pesky (NLP holocaust) deniers don’t shut up and do as they are told.

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