Does the BBC hate fat people?

At first I wondered if it was my imagination. Then I figured I was perhaps being over sensitive…

But now I’ve the evidence to support my case.

The BBC does have a genuine hate for fat people. I guess it’s all part of their elite makeup.

Lets take something as popular and vacous as “Total Wipeout”. And unlike that competition, imported from America, this game can be played at home. It’s simple, take a pad and simply count the jokes against each competitor.

On tonights (22nd January 2011) show they managed to make 11 “fat” related jokes against Mark in the first round. All of which seemed quite ironic, given his 3m 10s time placed him 8th.

You’ll note that the BBC carefully avoided age jokes (now against the law) about “Professor Jimmy”.. So I guess with humour this base, you’ve got to pick your targets.

Less face it “Total Wipeout” is diabolical tripe. But it is just the tip of the iceberg.


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